Monday, December 31, 2012

Life in the Land of Wa

Greetings from Japan, the Land of Wa! This blog is an offshoot of our family blog in which I will exclusively write about my experience being pregnant and having a baby in Japan as a foreigner. I know many people who read our family blog don't want to be subjected to posts that contain the personal and sometimes gory details that come with growing a baby. So, I will post them all here for those who care.

The Reimer Family before the new baby
This blog is not so much intended as a how to guide but more a sharing of what I encountered in our little piece of Japan. Our situation here is a bit different because both my husband and I are Canadian, neither of us speak very much Japanese, we are not in the military, we live in a fairly rural area of Japan, and we already have two young children that were born in Canada. These factors greatly influenced my pregnancy and birth experience here. As a side note, the first entries will be reposts from bits I wrote during the pregnancy and had on our family blog.

I hope you enjoy what you read and are able to take something away with you!

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